Night Shift - 2014

Solo drawing exhibition

Free Range Gallery March 20th - 30th  2014



Possibilities of touch - humerus/radius/ulnar (detail), charcoal on paper 1140 x 1900mm, 2014

In shift-working couples the physicality of the other is often told ‘second hand’ through the movements of objects about a shared space; the shapes left in the sheets; residual pockets of body heat; notes on the pillow that say ‘sleep well’. ‘I miss you’. Individual layers of longing or loneliness can be measured by these things and also by their absence.

Created in response to my dichotomous role as both Artist and a Sleep Scientist, the drawings for this exhibition visualise both intimate and personal accounts of my bodily experience as a shift-worker.

Cartography of one sided sleep (work ii, series i), pencil on tracing paper 300 x 400mm, 2014

Night Shift explores the subject of the body from multiple points of view, from the biological responses of the shift worker’s own body to the negative space created, by shift-work, between the bodies of lovers. Employing a diverse range of drawing methods,I have mapped my own estranged circadian rhythms while tracing a sense of nostalgia for the simultaneous bed times, sleep patterns and sex drives so easily taken for granted by my partner and I before I became a shift-worker.

Incomplete Sex Act xvi charcoal on paper, 840 x 595mm 2014