Home Body - 2014

Home Body

City Art Depot June 27th - July 18th 2014



Two handed seat (Love/pathogen) 2014, 300 x 420 mm

In this series of works on paper Shannon explores the frailty and vulnerability of the bodily form through imagery taken from illustrations from out-of-date Australian First Aid and Practical Home-Healing manuals and the ephemeral mediums of watercolour and gouache.

Almost translucent in colour and barely there in form, these works complicate the very notion of “home”, emanating a frail beauty and an anxious vulnerability within both the suggested figures and the medium in which they are executed, as if the physical forms are in danger of dissolving into the visceral matter of pigment and/or bodily matter. The resulting works are delicate, fluid, sensuous but also unstable, fretful in their very ephemerality.

The human crutch ii - 750 x 550mm

As she says, while the visceral properties of these works provide connotations of the living body, “their temporary and often fragile properties also speak of mortality and transience. These are the fabric of my practice, which is driven by a desire to visualise the intimate dynamics within and between bodies with a recurring focus on proximity, synchrony and misalignment between two or more bodies.”

Recovery load (Love/pathogen)- 300 x 420 mm

Shannon graduated from the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts in 2009 with a BFA (Painting major with 1st class honours) and was twice the recipient of the Ethel Susan Jones Fine Arts Travelling Scholarship awarded by the UC for excellence in unique composition.