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    Today I have a break from my forced-desynchrony focus and spend the day re-reading the journals I kept during my Ars Bioarctica residency in search of the entries about the bodily experience of missing the sun. I remembered writing a lot of these though I realised today that they only occur in the second half of the project (2 weeks in).

    One particular entry describes a vision I had for a painting where my body is black, matt, colourless and greedily consuming a pulpy kind of blend of mottled greens and yellows (based on how I'd remembered the colours of grass in the sunlight).

    In other entries I describe, in poetic detail, the sensation of craving sunlight, or more accurately how the constant dark causes a profound dull discomfort in the body, particularly the eyes and head. I find several individual descriptions of the perceived weight and pressure of the darkness in various capacities. Thinking around how these descriptions might inform my technical decision making I finish the day with a few swatches exploring how different opacities, hues and blends of blue/yellow/green and black gouache interact on paper and how this might comunicate my Polar Night based lust for daylight.