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    Following on from the previous blood pumping studies I begin my second day at FAC with few gouache explorations of other bodily experiences based on drawings made during my time in the Arctic as an Ars Bioarctica resident .

    The drawings I select to work from are 4 x 'bodily sensation' sketches made in response to the circadian misalignment I experienced due to the 'forced desynchrony' component of my Ars Bioarctica project.

    (1)Pencil on paper 'insomnia study'

    (2) Pencil on paper 'the weight of sleep'

    (3) Pencil on paper 'heart beat'

    (4) Pencil on paper 'forced desynchrony study'

    Each drawing documents my visual interpretation of the following specific sensations/experiences: 1. The discomfort of the insomniacs body after hours in bed ('insomnia study') 2. the weight of desire for sleep in the head of the insomniac ('the weight of sleep') 3.the sounds of the body as amplified by ear-plugs ('heart beat') 4. the sensation of my own body's internal cycles being out of synch with one another ('forced desynchrony study).

    By adopting an exploratory approach to the act of painting I combine the visceral nature of the gouache medium with the body-based memory of each experience (as guided by the original drawing) in order to add gravity and dimension to each theme. The physical act of painting inspires new technical and conceptual approaches to the subjects which I bounce around over the course of the day.

    While 3 of the 4 drawings I originally selected revolved around the theme of insomnia it is the 'forced desynchrony study' that I return to most often to re-work throughout the day. My approach to visualising the sensation of 'forced desynchrony' focuses on a series of warped, fragmented accounts of the human skeleton. As I paint I engage in a play between the fluidity and viscosity of the gouache media, a recurring interest of mine which earlier last year directed the approach to a body of work exhibited in 'Home Body' at Christchurch's City Art Gallery.