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  • Another day in the studio: Preparations for TRACE group exhibition

    Another day in the studio: Preparations for TRACE group exhibition






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    Today I'm working on a series of new drawings  for the upcoming group show TRACE at Mundaring Arts Centre, WA. Each drawing is breeding a mutant trajectory of itself. These threads are slowly creeping the length of my studio.

    I love this turbulent relationship with the tangential nature of a drawing practice. This new body of work for TRACE explores the way that new drawing ideas often come during the physical act of drawing itself, and from viewing the chance relationships that occur between lines once marks are made on the paper's surface.

    A quick and dirty snap: Blue prints for structural hygiene i, pencil and masking tape on tracing and watercolour paper 2014

    I have begun with a series of drawings called 'Blue prints for structural hygiene', a cluster of works which explore methods for physically visualising the 9 lines of movement used in Ideokinesis. The theme comes as a continuation of a long held fascination with the subject of the human body and anatomy and how we physically experience embodiment.

    As my drawings develop I will following different lines of (unforseen) drawing-based inquiry, letting the process and experience of each drawing tell me where to go next.The resulting body of work will document the flow and development of ideas that come from the physical act of making lines on a page.

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