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  • 9 lines of movement

    9 lines of movement

    In a continuation of the original '9 lines of movement' concept (from ideokinesis mentioned in an earlier post) I have begun to explore a few more diagramatic representations of instructions for moving the body. These have been deduced from the below early explorations of blindly drawing my feelings of how the body would move while listening to ideokinetic instruction.

    To begin with I blindly layered my drawn response to all 9 lines of movement onto one piece of paper (above). This was followed by separate drawings for each line of movement (see lines one and six below).

    In pursuit of a method to distil my more graphically charged reactions to the movement instructions I made a series of blind drawings focusing on representing imagined direction and pressure changes in the body and body parts. These were done in 2H pencil on parchment so are not very clear but I've included a few below to give the gist.

    These scrappy working drawings then informed the decision making for larger more technically drawn versions of each instruction. Below are technical-styled drawings for lines 4 and 8 (4.aligning sternum with occiput/base of skull & 8.shortening the length between T12 in ribcage and pubic synthesis).

    From here I will be bringing together the various techniques/styles and explorations of the 'ideokinesis' theme as I have approached them. Using tracing paper I will be collecting and combining elements from disparate drawings into proposals for new drawings. My plan is to exhibit these 'proposals' with masking tape in tow as a method for revealing a more raw part of the drawing development process as opposed to the 'finished' product.