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    Merry Christmas! God Jul!

    I'm pleased to announce the successful completion of my Polar Night Study project in Kilpisjarvi Finland.

    My final days (day 23 and day 24) saw a last drawing trip to the river in blustering snow and an early morning excursion back up Mount Saana where I slipped and dislocated my pinky-finger. Amongst Christmas and coming New Years festivities I am processing my last images and notes from the project in the warmth of my sister's home in back in Tromso and will post these tail-end updates soon.

    The project officially ended on December 21st at 0300, where I had a celebratory sauna and did my final on-the-clock check for aurora borealis (too foggy to see once again). My sister, neice and brother in-law arrived just after lunch and stayed the night with us at the station ready for an early return to Tromso the following day.

    At 2303 on the 21st we celebrated the official winter solstice beside a fire, lit by Joris and Nicky (our fellow artists) in the 'fire hotel' wooden hut out in the snow. We managed one last display of Northern lights before bed then the temperature plummeted to a chilling -30 degrees C on the day we departed.

    I have seen, experienced and learned so many amazing things about the Arctic Kilpisjarvi environment and the polar night and have experienced how it feels to have my body clock thrown out of its circadian alignment by living on 28 hour days for a month. Together and separately these things have provided material and inspiration for many new bodies of art work which I will embark upon in the new year as an Artist in Residence with Fremantle Arts Centre in January 2015.

    As an AIR at FAC I will also be organising and transforming the actigraph and assessment based data which I gathered during the project which will collectively map-out my roller coaster of sleep/wake/physiological and physiological functioning during the project.

    I will continue to update this  blog as I develop art work from this data and all the project's documentation. I will post up some notes from additional research which I conducted during the residency - in particular the adaptive behaviour and sleep/wake rhythms of Arctic animals- which was not included in my original project updates but I feel it will be important in contextualising the artistic responses as they come.

    Until next time- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    thanks for following my adventures. I look forward to seing and sharing what comes out of my studio as a result in 2015.