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    December 5th Day 11

    Rise time 1900 Scheduled bed time 1340

    In the four hours before my bed time we ski across the lake back to the river where I saw the dipper. We are not great on our skis so the journey takes the better part of an hour. The sky is finally clear and the sun skims the horizon casting a neon red halo over the mountains. The snow is very thick now, up to my knees in places. I take off my skis to trudge through it and find a sketching pozzy by the river. As I draw, Josh sets up his camera to capture the sunlight rise and fall. We don't see the dipper, but Josh discovered something more exciting.. what look to be bear tracks in the snow!

    After discussion with the locals we are told that there is no way that these were bear tracks. Infact they are most likely reindeer tracks. The fantasy was thrilling while it lasted!