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    Day 10 December 3rd

    Rise time 1500 scheduled bedtime 0940

    The Aurora Borealis forecast for December 4th is rated at 'level 4' which means that is will be pretty spectacular at the end of that date, either around 0000 or 2300.I haven't quite figured out which end of the 24 hour day the forecast pertains to, but Josh and I spent between 2100 and 0000 checking the sky for weather breaks in the cloud. We never found out which end of the day the rating was for because both ends where covered with snowing cloud.

    I check the weather and Aurora forecasts for the next few nights to see if any good potential Northern Lights sightings will occur in line with my wake cycles.I make little gouache swatches of the next two day's various weather/aurora/wake alignments and mark of the hours I check the sky in pencil.

    Blue= sleep time, Green=Aurora strength, Grey/purple= weather.