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    December 3rd 

    Day 9 continued

    0335 I'm getting far to close to my bedtime to feel like another foray into the cold and dark is a good idea. I spend some time justifying why I can probably stay inside, on the list is 'it's really cloudy- I won't see anything'. But despite this I feel some how obliged to visit the moon like I'd planned, and deep in my mind I have a feeling that something important is supposed to come of this final observation.

    I step out into the snow and look at the sky. All I see is this very vague dirty smear of icey yellow on the clouds. I realise that it is just the reflection of the moon, which of course has moved west (?) since my last encounter. I walk a little way towards the darkness of the lake, looking up to try and find the moon. I can see it now glowing softly in a pocket of thinning cloud the trees are in the way of my view so I venture a little further towards the dark. A light breeze thins out the clouds enough to see it's lopsided oval shape. As I watch I see a second oval light to the left. I'm perplexed for a split second before this little patch of luminescence starts to expand laterally and rapidly casting thin splinters of acidic green light down towards the snow. The Northern Lights! It only lasts for about 40 seconds and then dissolves. As I smile to myself at the uncanny luck at my timing, a low rumbling sound begins to build over the lake in the distance. It gets closer quickly and I'm struck by a blast icey wind, followed by sudden silence, then the same low rumble but this time from the other (Mt Saana) side and another blast of wind from the other direction. I make my way back inside.