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  • The sensation of being an outsider to my own body...

    26th November bed time 0540 - wake time 1500

    As before I only slept for about 5 hours, spending the remaining 4 hours and 20 minutes pondering the strange experience of being an outsider to my own physiology and how I might draw this. It is bizarre - when you physically experience your biological prompts (to eat/drink/excercise etc) decoupled from a 24 hour routine. They become kind of abstract sensations, requiring actual conscious cognitive assessment to decode.

    I tried to explain this to Josh after I returned from my 2nd 'morning'jog to Norway in the pitch black afternoon.I hadn't realised (until I looked at his perplexed-with-thinly-veiled-amusement face) that I have rapidly lost the ability to construct coherent verbal sentences.

    I'm starting to forget alot of things. My short term memory is almost entirely shot. I keep returning to my room and feeling like some-one has been in there- turning off/on lights, re-arranging my notebooks, plugging in chargers- but I know no-one else has been there in reality. I'm just doing things and forgetting. It's unsettling and I can see how people get paranoid when sleep deprived.